Blackboard lecture on Tao Te Ching Chapter 15


Laozi 15: "In olden days, skillful masters penetrated the subtle and profound mysteries, which we find difficult to comprehend. Consequently it takes great effort to meet them face to face. (they were):"

yu.jpg YU : image of two hands exchanging + elephant = at ease, prepared, ready, happy, comfortable, (both careful and carefree) "Yu" as if crossing a frozen stream"
yeu.jpg YEU: image of dog + chief = monkey = watchful, scheming, wary "Yeu" as if surrounded on four sides by danger
yan.jpg YAN: image of person next to bear cave (daring) = respectful, dignified "Yan" as if a guest
huan.jpg HUAN: image of water next to a person looking into an empty cave = dispersing, scattering, dissolving "Huan" as if ice beginning to melt
dun.jpg DUN: image of lamb (innocent, goodness) with hand holding stick (action) = simple, honest, sincere "Dun" as if an uncarved branch
kuan.jpg KUAN: image of sun next to hall + yellow = broad, wide, open, vast, loose-fitting, free from worries and petty ideas "Kuan" as if a valley
hun.jpg HUN: image of water next to sun above two people (multitude) = mixed, blended, merged, indistinct, undistinguishable "Hun" as if muddy water

"Who can be muddy and through stillness gradually clear? Who can be at rest and through the lasting movements gradually come to life?"

"He who embraces this path never wishes for fullness For truly to be not yet full Allows one to never be finished."


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