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Cheng Man-Ching's short form
of the Yang T'ai Chi

11. Thirty spokes are united around the hub of a wheel, but the usefulness of the wheel depends on the space where nothing exists. Clay is molded into a vessel, but the usefulness of the vessel depends on the space where nothing exists. Doors and windows are cut out of the walls of a house, and the usefulness of the house depends on the space where nothing exists. Therefore take advantage of what exists, and use what does not exist.

76. When people are born, they are tender and supple. At death they are stiff and hard. All things, like plants and trees, are tender and pliant while alive. At death they are dried and withered. Therefore the stiff and hard are companions of death. The tender and supple are companions of life. Thus strong arms do not win. A stiff tree will break. The hard and strong will fall. The tender and supple will rise.

63 Act without interfering. Work without doing. Taste the tasteless. Large or small, many or few, repay injury with goodness. Handle the difficult while it is still easy. Handle the big while it is still small. Difficult tasks begin with what is easy. Great accomplishments begin with what is small. Therefore the wise never strive for the great and thus achieve greatness. Rash promises inspire little trust. Taking things too lightly results in much difficulty. Thus the wise always confront difficulties and therefore have no difficulty.

Dao De Jing -- The Way Power Book

by Lao-zi English version by Sanderson Beck, paraphrased LDC


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